And here we go!

We’ve thought a lot how to name our blog! And finally we have it: “Ladies in a Circle”.

Let’s explain why, starting off by explain the meanings of


According to the Dictionary:

  • A word used to mean “woman” that some people consider is more polite, especially referred to women who are forty…or more! And here we are! …either we do like it… or not!

Actually we think we are totally in love with it!

  • Referred to woman belonging to a high social class or the landlady called by her housekeeper… i.e. “The lady has gone” …and even we are not sure she wanted eventually come back!
  • A Queen or a Mistress…what else!
  • A female, in opposition to a male, but not in a feminist movement sense… jut to underline the differences between ‘women’ and ‘men’ which represent also the richness and variety that sometimes let us stay together in a good way… on the other hand we love sometimes spending our time laughing and having similarly fun just with our friends! That’s extraordinary helpful ‘to cool off’!
  • A woman who is polite and well educated, has excellent manners and always behave well. That is what we wanna be! We don’t want to be alike women who are over forty and behave themselves like they were in their twenty! What if we are over forty… let’s express ourselves in our properly wisdom which naturally comes from our own experience!!!
  • A title used by women who are members of the nobility or just of high society… certainly we wish we were in their shoes… it looks like we are not the only ones!!!


Let’s figure out the different meanings of the picture “IN CIRCLE” (once again the Dictionary will help us!)

  • Synonymous with “circumference”: we like to picture a group of women shaped like a circle, holding up and lifting up each other
  • In philosophy a “vicious circle”, i.e. a situation in which one problem causes another problem which then makes the first problem worse! It doesn’t matter: actually we love the term ‘vicious’ which reminds us to the Italian meaning: “to be spoiled”! It really helps to take the life easy and we would love to express in our blog how to “make our life lightly” sometimes!
  • In physiology: blood circulation system i.e. the movement of blood around the body: the circle is connected to life!
  • A group of people who are connected because having the same interests, ideals, feelings and usually meet together in a certain place, which ideally would be our blog!
  • Club in which a group of people meet together regularly, for a particular activity: our favourite activity is ‘networking’ our ideas, feeling, even worries that we can share with other women like us…. not gossiping or having fool rumours at all.

And last, but not least… we want to be women connected to other women who appreciate to escape into fantasy sometimes and occasionally come up here for a breath of fresh air mixed to a lot of laughs, which are even more therapeutic!

Thanks to our beloved friend Valeria who helped with the translation

See you soon!


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